Stand an Pee in the jungle with Pibella

After reading a lot of reviews I was leaning toward purchasing the Pibella. Then, after I found all of the videos I was absolutely sold. My Pibella and I have just returned from a vacation in Costa Rica where I used it almost every day hiking. I feel that this is the best FUD and would love to keep another one in the car and share the others with my girlfriends. I will help spread the word of your fine product.
Thank You,
Westfield, Massachusetts

Pee in the car with Pibella Comfort

Women using Pibella Comfort and urine bags to pee in the car

I used Pibella Comfort with the urine bags to pee in the car. However, Pibella Travel with a bottle works just as fine. Glad that I have discoverd this tool.

A big thank you to the Pibella Team

Pee standing up on hikingtrips

Pee standing up as a women on a hiking trip

All my Pibellas arrived two weeks ago. On our girl trip 7 women had a Pibella with them. They were veeery pleased and thankful, because it is a lot more comfortable to pee standing up. It definitely made hiking easier.

I wish your team a good time

Regards Inge and the girl hiking group

Urinary Device solves my problems

Women on public toilet using Pibella urinary aid to pee

I would like to have the Pibella a little bit shorter so it could even fit in my pockets or a little purse. But I can do this by myself too. I knew about Pibella through my own researches regarding urinary device and STP’s. I absolutely and with my whole heart can recommend to buy Pibella. It is such a great invention. I take my Pibella everywhere with me. Pibella Travel makes my life less complicated and can advise it to other women too. Even mobile toilets are not a problem anymore.

Thank you Karen

Pee funnel for women is the perfect solution

I would like to reverse my order. Because I already bought this incredible pee funnel for women in an outdoor shop. I didn’t find a way to leave a good review on the website, so I’m writing you this way.

I can’t find the words to express how over the moon I am with this product. As a festival-goer this pee funnel for women is the perfect solution for me, after years of trying other ways and products. My friends and acquaintances can’t hear me talk about it anymore I had to speak about it that often.

Finally this annoying toilet subject is a thing oft he past

Regards, Beatrice

Urinal Pibella actually works

I am beyond happy with my urinal Pibella und because of that I take it everywhere. Thank you!

The idea of sending Pibella samples for photos is great. And I would like to send a free pee tube to my friend:…

Regards, Elvira